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"Fate is.. well, a new encounter and what not. I’m going for just in general… I think fate is a chance to meet something/someone wonderful! In short, I think
fate is what brought Chinen and I together."
- Ryosuke Yamada
"To be in the same team with a kind, funny, and cool person like Yamada-kun I feel really happy.
From now on, please take care of me(Yamada)."
- Yuri Chinen
- to Romio To Jurietto(Romeo & Juliet(YamaChii 2011 Lessons)), my portfolio/compilation of my Fan Fictions, of course with the BEST OTP in the whole universe. What's with the name you ask? Well, you're confused with the lesson part, It is because I wanted every Fanfic of mine here (regardless of some drabbles) to get readers some value of life and learn things while reading and while being entertained. The goal is simple right! Thanks in advance in visiting the site! Love Lots~! God Bless!"
- Jirou Matsuyama
Blog Post #1: Can't Take The Bed Scene
Wednesday, December 7, 2011
What's with my fist blog post?? *Lol~*
Well, i was just checking the YamaChii Fan Group @ FB and I saw a new set of pics of YamaChii in their most cutest-romantic(don't know the word to collaborate those two..) moment of all.. The Bed and the Sleeping thing, again I was so *mesmerized* and again I was.. The impact of the two jewels in their posts makes me feel the love and everything~ *Love* The magic they release is different from the others.. Well actually I really don't look at others.. *smiles* It's full of love and light romance(my term(?)), just check them out to see and feel what I'm talkin' about.. and I added some of their not so old Bed scene & Sleeping pictures.. for some flattering post I guess. I was just bothered that the kissing post thing of Yuri-san is out.. It's just feels so weird.. Or it is just me?? anyways.. *Have a nice day!* disclaimer @ Disclaimer

*Here are the two new (live,love,live) pictures of them.. see what I was saying?? *faint*

Here are the other ones of my choice.. so cute..
  I was so in love with this picture that I make this one my wallpaper of my phone for about two months??

 *The couch is soft.. I know it.. <3
*Goodness I'm tired! But I know I can regain everything I lost when I'm with you. *pout*

Additional Pictures.. I know they're not sleeping here .. but just the pajamas, it makes me feel of them both look like they are in a Big White bed and taking those Pics.. I really want to read the scans of those but I haven't.. *yeah I know, poor me*

 *Yuri-san is just leaning his head to..... (what do you think?) *Pure Love*
*It is fair to do this in public ne? *Laughs*

Song for the week: Love Fool by Cardigans (OST of the Romeo & Juliet 1996 adaptation) *I just watch it last last night.. *smiles*

Believe it or not, I have been taking a dose of 19's songs these past month, I don't know, my motivations seems to go back whenever I hear those kinds of songs.. It is me anyways but, I think, the late songs of 19's are more of hearts.. It have not caught my attention like these in the old things.. just the music.. I like the moods it gives me.. for real.. *smiles* Tell me I'm such an oldie or a word but, this is me.. *smirk*

That's my first Blog post.. About my first YCfic.. I'll update that tomorrow.. It's just I have no time writing it with a good spot.. I am in a noise prone area and it is really hard for me to write.. I know you know it..  Thanks for spending a small time here.. appreciated! *Love ~ Love ~Love ~*


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A Romeo + Juliet Tale
Saturday, December 3, 2011
Title: A Romeo + Juliet Tale
Subtitle: "A Start of an Epic Parody." "The Young Yakuza meets The Young Princess"
Genre: Romance
Main Characters: Yamada Ryosuke Chinen Yuri
Additional Character/s:  Nakajima Yuto, Inoo Kei & Arioka Daiki
Ratings: PG -13 (Need to put this.. but this is for a certain event and not all, you can skip it if you want.. I'll tell you when it'll happen.)
Summary: A Parody. Set in the era of swords, blood and a society that doesn't recognize mercy. Yamada is an outgoing son of the leader of the most powerful Yakuza Clan in a village of Ohno, he never wanted to do such things his family does and wish he lived in a different time zone, but he never had a choice, so instead of joining a bulks of japanese gangsters, slashing and playing with the people around them with their swords, he's snicking out and go somewhere he can't be seen by anyone. Until he found someone that moved his world out of its axis, but how can they handle the force of fate that lends them in each other but pulling them back away?


A/N: I am pretty sure that you can guess what am I trying to do. *smiles* I'm making a parody of one of the most tragic love story of all time. It's....(pause) I really don't want to tell it cause I know you know.. *smiles* Well I guess you got a hint of something here in the summary, I'll be updating this fic after three days and who knows.. I might write two-three chapters in that span of time.. This is the first Fic I'll be posting here (and I think this will be my favorite one..) I will try to make this Fic as the best parody of my choice epic Love story.. need your support guys! *smiles* That is it for today. God Bless!

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